Meet The Team

John & Hannah Lindsay

Pastor John and Hannah joined Antrim Elim in October 2018 with their two teenage boys Joel and Caleb. John grew up in Bangor and attended Bangor Elim from birth. Hannah’s parents were Elim missionaries in Thailand and she grew up oversees before returning to live in N Ireland at the age of 18. Together they have served the Lord in Iowa – USA, Bangor Elim, Knockbracken Elim and South Belfast Elim before moving to Antrim in October 2018.

Robert McMordie

Robert has been attending Antrim Elim for 28 years and serving as an elder for 17 years.  He is married to Evelyn.  Together hey have three children and four grandchildren.  Robert gave his heart to the Lord in 1971. Prior to coming to Antrim, Robert served the Lord in Ballycare Elim. 

Norman Neil

Norman joined the team as an elder in 2020. He has three children and one grand child.  He first gave his heart to the Lord as a young boy and later entered the ministry serving in both Antrim and Larne Elim churches.  Norman and Janice got married in June 2019.